Prudence proves he’s the big cheese of edible art

by Gazette Reporter
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ATTENTION cheese lovers – International food sculpture artist Prudence Staite has created the iconic Greek ‘Discobolus’ statue from 100 kilos of Kilmeaden Cheddar Cheese.
When it comes to our favourite Irish dish, bacon, cabbage and mash is the clear winner (31%), followed closely by the full Irish (30%) according to a new survey from Kilmeaden Cheese.
Cheese, meanwhile, is our number one key ingredient for any winning dish (75%), followed by butter (22%).
The survey was conducted by Kilmeaden to unveil the ‘fillet’ of Irish talent across sport, radio, television and, of course, the Irish culinary scene.
To tie in with the brands promise of “We take away the rest and give you the best”, Kilmeaden Cheese commissioned international food sculpture artist Prudence Staite to create a stunning life size replica of the historical Greek mythical Discobolus statue.
Using 100 Kilos of Kilmeaden Cheese, Prudence took great time and care to produce the iconic masterpiece, echoing the time and quality that goes into each and every block of Kilmeaden!
Prudence, who has created all types of edible art, says: “I was very excited when I was asked by Kilmeaden Cheese to work with them to create a special sculpture. The cheese was great to work with. It tasted amazing too so it was really hard not to nibble as I worked!”

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