This World Photography Day, Enter Clean Coasts’ Love Your Coast Photography Competition

by Aishling Conway
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This Saturday, 19th August, we celebrate World Photography Day. To mark the day, enter Clean Coasts’ 14th edition of the annual Love Your Coast photography competition.

Photographers are invited to capture and celebrate the breathtaking uniqueness of our coastal landscapes, heritage, wildlife and communities.  

In honour of the Clean Coasts programme’s 20th anniversary, a brand new category called “Protectors of the Coast” was introduced, which will highlight the volunteering efforts and community spirit dedicated to preserving our cherished coastal areas. Additionally, we were pleased to reinstate the “Underwater” category, previously suspended due to Covid-related diving restrictions. 

This year’s competition categories are as follows: 

1. Wildlife and Coast 

2. Coastal Landscape 

3. People and the Coast 

4. Coastal Heritage 

5. Underwater 

6. Protectors of the Coast 

Photographers have until 9 am on 28th August 2023 to submit their best images in one of the five categories, all vying for a share of the €6,000 prize fund. 

Since its inception in 2010, the Love Your Coast photography competition has been an extraordinary opportunity to showcase the beauty of the coastal regions and waterways that Clean Coasts has worked to protect since 2003. Photographers are encouraged to explore new and different methods and angles in capturing the coastal regions and wildlife and would discourage photographing of locations and species that have been heavily submitted in previous years.    

Sinead McCoy, Coastal Community Manager said: “Clean Coasts are delighted to be launching the Love Your Coast competition for the 14th year. The competition draws considerable interest from Ireland’s photographers and coastal enthusiasts and over the previous years it has received thousands of entries with the standard getting higher with each passing year. We are delighted to welcome back the Underwater category and excited to introduce the new category Protectors of the Coast. The Love Your Coast competition is a fantastic addition to the Clean Coasts programme and, as the application window comes to a close, we are excited to see the submissions and the incredible Irish coastline spots captured by photographers nationwide. We invite everyone to capture the essence of our breathtaking coastlines and, in doing so, help spread the message of preservation and conservation. Together, let’s turn inspiration into action and create a legacy of love for our coasts that will endure for generations to come.” 

To enter the competition, please visit the Clean Coasts website at 

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