It’s that time of year again to book your flu jab!

by Rose Barrett
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With over 80 pharmacies across Irish communities, Ireland’s leading pharmacy chain, Lloyds Pharmacy is encouraging their customers to book in for their annual flu vaccine, writes Rose Barrett.

Research commissioned by LloydsPharmacy has revealed that adults across all age groups are taking a more proactive interest in managing and improving their health since the Covid pandemic. The research indicated a change in the attitudes of the Irish population over the last couple of years with 49pc saying they would get vaccines, including the flu vaccine.

Lloyds encourages people to proactively manage their health, and provides advice and support to help prevent sickness and boost immunity during winter months. More importantly, the pharmacy chain wants to ensure their communities are supported and encouraged to make these positive steps in managing their health.

“This is important as recent reports from Australia show that their 2023 flu season may be one of Australia’s largest flu seasons on record, and it is particularly concerning for children,” stated a spokesperson from Lloyds Pharmacy. “It is often observed that winter flu difficulties experienced in Australia are replicated across Europe in the months that follow. This year, children have made up almost 80pc of those admitted to hospital in Australia. Only 22pc of children aged between 6 months to five years and 13pc of children aged five to 16 are vaccinated against the winter flu.” 

A full list of Dublin LloydsPharmacy locations offering the flu vaccines can be found at You can book your flu vaccine appointment through LloydsPharmacy appointment booking tool at 

Or you can download the LloydsPharmacy Ireland app where a range of appointment booking options are available, including Flu, COVID-19 boosters, Pneumonia, HPV, Shingles, and Travel Vaccinations. Remember, if you’re aged 18 years or over and are in one of the groups recommended to get the flu vaccination, you may be eligible to get it free of charge. Check Getting the flu vaccine – or speak with your pharmacist.

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