Petmania Santry launch their seventh Operation TransPAWmation

Petmania Santry Aim To Raise Awareness About Pet Health & Wellbeing With Return of Operation TransPAWmation.

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Petmania Santry have launched their seventh annual health and wellbeing programme, Operation TransPAWmation, in an effort to help pet owners across Ireland care for their four-legged friends. With research showing that over 70% of dog owners enjoy better physical health since their pup joined their family, it’s time to return to the favour! 

Just like humans, there’s no one size fits all when it comes to health and wellbeing for pets. This is why the expert panel at Petmania’s Pet Care Advice Centre are raising awareness on the importance of understanding the key indicators of a healthy weight and lifestyle for pets with the Operation TransPAWmation programme. 

Identifying the issue

As part of the Operation TransPAWmation initiative, Petmania are encouraging pet owners to pay particular attention to their pets’ Body Conditioning Score (BCS) to ensure optimal health for their fuzzy friends. 

Dr. Bobby Ortiz, vet and Operation TransPAWmation ambassador, said: 

“Research shows that while some owners are aware of what constitutes a healthy weight for their pet, others have absolutely no idea. As optimal conditions vary so much across breeds and ages, the BCS is a very important tool in analysing a pet’s health. However, there is very little awareness among many pet owners of the BCS factors. Many go by the ‘general look’ of their pet, but they may not know about the official ribs, abdomen, waist check that gives an excellent indication of a pets’ overall health and condition.”

How to check a pet’s BCS

The BCS is a visual examination of the pet’s body, ranked on a scale from one to nine. A score of one is too thin, while nine is dangerously obese. To check, pet owners should look at and feel the pets’ ribs, abdomen, waist. It should be possible to easily feel the ribs under the skin. The abdomen should tuck up nicely under the back legs and the waistline should be narrower than their chest. This indicates a score of four or five.

The ideal score is four or five for a healthy pet, which can be maintained with exercise and the correct nutrition. Pets that score higher may need to adjust their diet and exercise. Petmania STORE is sharing simple tutorials and lots more healthy lifestyle tips throughout Operation TransPAWmation. 

Puppy Mylo with Maya (7) and Rayan (10)Rizvi
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Emily Miller of Petmania said: 

“Body Conditioning Score is a gamechanger to maintaining a healthy weight for household pets, and for caring for their health and wellness more generally. Even a small amount of overfeeding can lead to serious health problems over time, especially as pets age. Through Operation TransPAWmation we hope to show pet owners how to recognise the early signs of weight gain in their cats and dogs and quickly correct it with fun activities, simple nutrition tips and weekly tutorials and challenges.”

The two-part programme aims to prevent obesity in cats and dogs, and to highlight everyday steps pet owners can take to ensure a healthier lifestyle for their pets. Pet owners can follow the six-week healthy lifestyle programme, for free, by registering on or drop into their local Petmania store. 

The Operation TransPAWmation programme is designed around Petmania’s Five Pillars of Pet Care, which will help owners identify and make small changes that lead to healthier, happier pets. The Five Pillars of Pet Care are: Weight, Diet & Nutrition, Pet Dental Care, Grooming, Parasite protection and prevention, and Exercise and Play. The Operation TransPAWmation programme is split into two steps to easily allow pet owners to engage fully with each of these important pillars. 

Dr. Bobby Ortiz, vet and Operation TransPAWmation ambassador, with Mylo.
Picture Paul Sherwood Photography

As part of step one, February will see the programme highlighting the ways in which pet owners can ensure their pets enjoy optimal physical health and wellbeing, with the key topics covered including diet, dental care, grooming, and parasite protection and prevention. The second step of the programme will commence in March with a focus on mental and behavioural wellbeing, with the importance of exercise, play, and mental stimulation for pets emphasised.  

Throughout February and March, Petmania is inviting pet owners to take part in Operation TransPAWmation by signing up online and availing of a free weight check for their dog(s) or cat(s) at their local store. The six-week health and wellbeing programme will be run online with weekly updates, a food diary, exercise and diet hints and tips plus exciting weekly health steps to complete, with the support of Petmania’s Pet Care Advisors in-store.

Dr. Bobby Ortiz, vet and Operation TransPAWmation ambassador, said:

“Obesity can lead to devastating health complications like arthritis, cardiorespiratory problems, diabetes and can shorten a pet’s life and affect their quality of life. However with the proper information and awareness of what and how much pet owners are feeding their pets and with the correct quantity and quality of exercise it is easily managed. Simple steps can transform a pet’s quality of life and the Operation TransPAWmation programme is an excellent opportunity for pet owners to be proactive about their pet care.”

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