‘The Peculiar Sensation of Being Pat Ingoldsby’

by Rose Barrett
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Clontarf’s Pat Ingoldsby is to be honoured in a touching new documentary out on November 4.

‘The Peculiar Sensation of Being Pat Ingoldsby’ a new documentary about the acclaimed writer and much-loved children’s TV presenter will open in Irish cinemas from Friday, November 4 next. 

Break Out Pictures announced the theatrical release of Seamus Murphy’s captivating work on the popular and innovative television personality that is Pat Ingoldsby. 

The film examines the Irish writer and creator’s unique world. Ingoldsby’s poems and candid anecdotes bear witness to his visceral relationship with his beloved Dublin, his fellow Dubliners and anything that arouses Pat’s interest! 

Always on the look out for something different, The Peculiar Sensation of Being Pat Ingoldsby examines his sensitive humanity, personal challenges and a lifetime “as a maverick have taught him to harness reality and reach well beyond it to avenge the banal with absurd magic. 

It heals him as it does us”, said Breat Out Pictures.

Directed by Seamus Murphy and produced by Tom Burke with backing from Screen Ireland, you can watch the trailer here https://youtu.be/hAuIRGIXW4I

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