Glow on-the-go: oral beauty brand Polished London – take your smile essentials for all your travel adventures!

by Rose Barrett
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Well, there’s the last of our glorious ‘summer’ weather gone as the clouds and rain return.

I can’t face the short evenings and the onset of winter followed by the madness of Christmas without booking an autumn holiday! As a tea drinker, I’m always grateful for teeth whitening products – I will never acquire a tan but I do have good molars

Embrace the sunlit splendour of wherever you travel over the coming seasons with a radiant, awe-inspiring smile courtesy of Polished London, your ultimate oral beauty travel companion! From enchanting staycations and festival adventures to glorious international getaways, Polished London’s multi-award-winning, travel-friendly range of science-backed, vegan, eco-friendly products will ensure you exude a bright white, picture-perfect smile no matter where your adventures take you.

UV-C Toothbrush Head Steriliser – €20.95
The Ultimate in Science-Backed Hygiene


Ultra-fast and convenient, this amazing oral hygiene device ensures your toothbrush head is impeccably sterilised before use. Harnessing the cutting-edge power of UV-C technology, this oral care essential eradicates up to 99.9% of bacteria in just 3 minutes, making it perfect for travel and keeping any germs at bay.

Toothpaste Tablets – €8.95
Minty-Fresh Clean

Goodbye cumbersome, leaky toothpaste; hello fuss-free, travel-friendly toothpaste tabs. The epitome of chic on-the-go oral care, these practical little beauties not only enable you to whizz through the dreaded airport security queues – they come in a super lightweight, recyclable tube, making them perfect for the environmentally conscious beauty enthusiast. They pack a fabulously powerful punch, too, giving you an effective, minty-fresh clean without any unnecessary nasties.

Teeth Whitening Pen – €20.95
Unveil A Brighter, Whiter Smile Instantly

Capture every moment in confidence with Polished London’s teeth whitening pen, your beauty secret to an instantly brighter, whiter smileIn just a single application – and in just one minute – this compact, clinically proven marvel reveals transformative, on-the-go whitening results using peroxide-free ingredients. So, whether you’re glamming it up at a summer party or vacaying in a far-flung land, slip this amazing oral beauty tool into your bag to guarantee your smile stays on point, just as effortlessly and as swiftly as touching up your lipstick.

Bamboo Toothbrush – €5.95
Elegant, Eco-Friendly Cleanliness

If you choose to leave the electric brush and charger at home, you can pop Polished London’s super light, eco-chic bamboo toothbrush into your travel bag instead. Lovingly designed to offer the same effective cleaning and enamel protection as any plastic toothbrush, this sleek little gem has the added benefits of being vegan friendly and plastic and toxin free – ensuring you leave behind nothing but a trail of beauty wherever you go.

Polished London’s full range is available to purchase on So get planning, pack the sun factor and the shades, but get your easy peasy teeth whitening from Polished London

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