Older workers fight back to stay relevant

by Gazette Reporter
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ALMOST half of Irish workers worry that age might affect their chances of finding a new job. Research from IrishJobs.ie reveals that older workers who are planning on changing roles worry their age might stop them from getting a new job.
However, those who are planning to change roles in the next two years report that they are upskilling (65%) to stay employable.
The research carried out by IrishJobs.ie amongst 1,038 jobseekers across multiple industries shows that 31% of older workers believe they lost out on a job opportunity due to their age at least on one or more occasion.
A quarter believe they were passed over for promotion due to their age; as a result, 62% of older workers were apprehensive about looking for a new job, with 45% planning to stay in their existing sector.
The research showed that older employees are going a lot further than their younger counterparts to stay competitive for new roles.
To overcome the perception of being older, 40% are going to the gym more with 64% switching to a healthier diet and another 43% taking more vitamins.
When it came to more extreme measures, some 38% considered dying their hair, with 29% thinking about having their teeth whitened, 44% planning to give up smoking, and another 26% considering giving up alcohol. Some 8% of those surveyed considered anti-aging injections.
Orla Moran, general manager, IrishJobs.ie said: “While it’s illegal to discriminate against employees because of their age, it’s obvious that older jobseekers are concerned about how their date of birth will impact on their search for a new job.
“It’s terrific to see that many older workers are doing the right thing and keeping their skills up to date. In fact, it’s something we’d advise workers of all ages to do – continuing to upskill and staying relevant within their chosen industry is essential for continual employment.”

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