North City depot nearing completion

by Rose Barrett
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Independent Councillor for Ballymun Noeleen Reilly has welcomed the final stages towards the completion of the new North City depot in Ballymun.

“Construction started in 2020 and progress has been impressive for such a large-scale building,” she said. “The new DCC complex will house up to 800 workers who will be relocated from other depots across the Northside which will now be used for housing.

“There is no doubt the new facilities will improve working conditions for staff and will hopefully improve efficiencies for Dublin City Council.”

Cllr Reilly added she was delighted the new depot was actually located in Ballymun itself. “It has totally transformed that piece of land which was a dumping ground and looked awful.  The local economy will also benefit with 800 staff there and the community will now have a civic recycling centre on the doorstep.”

She has further called for Dublin City Council to introduce an apprenticeship scheme for young, disadvantaged people from Ballymun/Finglas who can avail of all the new facilities now in Ballymun.

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