Resolutions, and Settling for the Little Things

by James Hendicott
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I’ve never been big on New Year’s resolutions. I mean if they work for you, great, but I’ve always found them a bit arbitrary. You can decide to change things and do something new at any time of year, after all, and in my humble opinion you really should, too.

That said, New Year is a good time to reassess, a natural break in the order of the everyday that briefly lends itself to assessing where we’re at. For many of us, where we’re at is probably not that great.

It’s important, I think that while we go out of our way to treat others better in these difficult times (please!), we also do the same with ourselves. The start of 2022, where our general  health is likely to be a bigger concern than normal – and if it’s not ours, it will be someone close to us – might not be the time to set big sweeping goals.

The things I’d really like to do in 2022 are to become fitter (how original), to get myself traveling again, and to manage my money more successfully. I’m not too sure, though, of the realism of at least one of these, and given the mental pressures we’re all under. All three could prove difficult.

With that in mind, I’m going to set myself smaller goals. I want to see my elderly grandparents while they’re still healthy; they’re in their 90s and you never know how long you have. I don’t want anyone I know to become seriously ill. I want to stay in work, and have some fun at the weekends, and feel like I’m in control of life in a way that’s been a little difficult in recent months. Under the circumstances, under the ‘new normal’, that feels like a good, attainable year. There’s always 2023 for the big stuff.

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