What Ireland watched on YouTube this year

by Rachel Cunningham
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YouTube has announced the annual list of Ireland’s top trending videos and music videos for the past year, giving an insight into what caught the nation’s attention throughout 2021, writes Rachel Cunningham.

This year’s top trending videos show Ireland’s increasing interest in social media stars and the most recent YouTube trends. Topping Ireland’s most watched list is a video created by Jimmy Donaldson, better known online as MrBeast, an American YouTuber who creates content that centres on expensive stunts. His If You Can Carry $1,000,000 You Keep It! Video has over 52 million views.

The second most popular video of the year was SIDEMEN HOT TUB MUKBANG , created by The Sidemen, a British YouTube group took part in a “Mukbang”, a popular YouTube trend that shows creators consuming vast quantities of food while chatting to their followers. 

Northern Irish YouTuber and influencer Olivia Neil also made the top trending list with her video baking my ex a cake to get him back. The video with over 1.1 million views shows Olivia’s attempt to rekindle an old flame.  

Irish people are evidently still football fanatics, with football match highlights and fan videos making the top trending list again this year. The third most watched YouTube video in Ireland in 2021 was Lingard & Ronaldo hurt Hammers in DRAMATIC late win! 🤯 , a highlight from the Premier League as Manchester United beat West Ham United 2-1.

Topping the top 10 most watched music videos on YouTube in Ireland is Ed Sheeran with Bad habits, followed by The Weeknd’s Save Your Tears which was played over 600m times. The Weekend also made the top 10 most watched videos in Ireland 2021, with his Superbowl performance at the halftime show The Weeknd’s FULL Pepsi Super Bowl LV Halftime Show. Olivia Rodrigo broke into the Most Watched Music Videos, with her newly released songs Drivers License and Good 4 you , which proved to be hits with the Irish nation. 

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