Dublin author launches new YA fantasy novel

by Kim O Leary
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A Dublin author has this launched her second novel in her brilliant young adult fantasy series about syrens and mermaids.

Naomi Kelly is living in Tallaght and she has just released her new novel Kairos which is the second of her Syren Stories series, an imaginative fantasy novel following the exploits of mermaids or syrens.

Naomi grew up with a keen interest in story-telling and books, she started writing her novels after she left school and joined online book communities such as ‘Bookstagram’ and ‘BookTok.

Speaking to the Dublin Gazette, Naomi explained that the inspiration for the Syren Stories series came about following a walk along the cliffs in Howth in 2019.

“I noticed something in the water and jokingly said ‘What if it’s a mermaid?’ and then I started rambling on about how mermaids are normally portrayed as pretty, perfect women and never the creations that mythology would insist with powerful luring songs and gills etc.

“Thankfully my boyfriend didn’t point out that it was a just bobbling buoy I noticed and let my imagination run wild. By the time I got home, I knew I had to write this story,” explained Naomi.

The Syren Stories are made up of two books, Meraki and Kairos. The first book Meraki follows the story of 17-year-old syren Wren, who swims away from home and finds herself caught within the net of an enemy King, who wishes to use her powerful song for his own purposes. 

The second book in the series Kairos follows on from Wren and King Kellan’s adventures, with both characters having to decide which side they are on.

Meraki and Kairos go together to form the Syren Story duet. Whilst this segment of the series is complete, I have plans for future stories that will follow the lives of different characters who we have met along the way, so we will see get glimpses into Wren and Kellan’s lives from other perspectives,” she said.

In terms of the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown, Naomi explained that she’s gotten a lot of writing done.

“This year has been incredibly challenging, but having a fantasy world I could escape to when I couldn’t leave my house has really saved me,” she said.

Both books are available online through Book Depository and Amazon. (Book Depository prices include free Ireland shipping- Meraki €10, Kairos  €12.85)

eBook versions are available on Kindle (Meraki €2.33, Kairos €3.80. Free for Kindle Unlimted users to read.) Kairos: A Syren Story is set to be in South Dublin libraries alongside Meraki sometime after Easter.

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