‘Small Talks’ make a big difference this World Mental Health Day

by Alison O'Hanlon
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Mental health, like physical health, is something that we all have, yet speaking openly about mental health is not always easy.

As part of YMCA Ireland’s Small Talks campaign for World Mental Health Day on Oct 10, YMCA Dublin is hosting a number of well-being events throughout the month, to raise awareness on the importance of talking, and encouraging positive mental health among its staff and volunteers, as well as its community of children, young people and their families. 

YMCA Dublin will host ‘Tea & Talk’ events for staff, volunteers and service users throughout their service areas, from childcare and family support to community groups and youth programmes.

The events provide the opportunity to kick start those Small Talks, helping to break the stigma around mental health.

Kathryn O’Mahony, CEO of YMCA Dublin stated “Being caring and responsible are two of a number of values we have here at YMCA Dublin. We live by our values to ensure better outcomes for our young people, and are well aware of the mental health challenges faced across the country, as well as within our communities. By speaking about how you’re feeling, it can can encourage positive conversations around mental health and break the stigma that we have around it in Ireland. Small Talks is about taking the time tohave these conversations. We hope that through this campaign, we can encourage positive mental health amongst our communities, and create better futures for our service users and their families. ” 

YMCA Dublin is one of the oldest registered charities in the world, working with communities in inner city Dublin since 1849, and an extensive history of engaging with local communities and working with young people, adults and families in need of support. Through Youthwork, PlusOne mentoring, community work, Childcare and community employment, YMCA Dublin supports the development of skills, experiences, relationships and behaviours for healthy, confident and successful futures. 

To find out more about the Small Talks campaign, please visit ymca-ireland.org/smalltalks

For more information on the work of the YMCA Dublin and its services, visit YMCA

Featured Image: Kathryn O’Mahony, CEO of YMCA Dublin, Samy Machichi, Daire Power (Youth Spaces Réidh Coordinator, YMCA Dublin), Russell Wilbourne (Childcare Manager, YMCA Dublin) and Sadhbh McGonigle YMCA Dublin

Photo: Justin Farrelly

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