‘Yet Again… Not A Lot Of People Know This’

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The highly anticipated second book of Idioms complete with explanations by Dublin drinking buddies Barry Burke and Mick McGovern. Following on the success of their first book, the duo hopes to recreate the charm and wit that captivated readers with their initial endeavour.

While the concept of a book explaining the derivation of Idioms may not be ground-breaking, Barry and Mick infuse a unique Irish spirit and humour into this collection, making it an anticipated enjoyment for readers of their previous work. The collection explains how we come to use so many quotes and long-standing idioms together with where and how they originated.

Drawing from their conversations over pints of Guinness at their favourite pub in Churchtown, the authors’ distinctive explanations are both engaging and educational. 

One of the book’s strengths is its ability to blend the wisdom of these sayings with witty commentary, providing insight into the authors’ perspectives and adding an extra layer of amusement to the already thought-provoking phrases.

This light-hearted approach makes ‘Yet Again… Not A Lot Of People Know This’ an accessible read, appealing to a wide range of readers, regardless of their familiarity with this culture.

The Idioms themselves cover a variety of topics, ranging from love and friendship to life’s trials and tribulations. Some of these may be familiar to readers, while others are cleverly crafted by the authors, showcasing their creativity and knack of researching.

‘Yet Again.. Not A Lot Of People Know This’ successfully captures the spirit and distinctive voices of Barry and Mick humour and sometimes ironic look on life.

Buyers of the authors’ first book, are likely to find their latest publication a worthy follow-up and a delightful addition to their Christmas presents list.

The launch was was generously supported by Howards Way Restaurant  and Supervalu Churchtown

‘Yet Again.. Not A Lot Of People Know This is available in good bookshops and can be purchased online at https://notalotofpeopleknowthis.company.site/ 

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