Malahide couple set to appear on Dragons’ Den

by Gazette Reporter
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Husband-and-wife team James and Aileen McCauley from Dublin are set to feature on Dragons’ Den on BBC One on Thursday 3rd of June with their award-winning invention The Wriggler – an anti-roll portable baby-changing mat specially designed for babies and toddlers who wriggle and writhe during a nappy change. 

We will see Aileen and James McCauley appearing before UK Dragons Sara Davies, Touker Suleyman, Deborah Meaden, Peter Jones and Tej Lalvani on June 3rd at 8pm on BBC One. 

Inspired by personal experience with their own little boy the couple came up with The Wriggler, the portable changing mat with straps that resembles an adorable bear character. Schoolteacher James and educational psychologist Aileen would very much like to develop further products and enter the Den with the hope of investment and guidance from the Dragons, so they can roll The Wriggler out globally. 

And given you change a baby’s nappy at least six times a day until potty training, which amounts to an incredible 6,500 times, it’s a possible godsend for 40% of parents who report feelings of stress and frustration as they grapple with their little wriggler at changing time.

In our wildest dreams we never imagined that an idea dreamt up at our kitchen table could have resulted in us appearing on BBC TV on Dragons’ Den” said the couple. “Naturally we were nervous about appearing before the Dragons, however we were determined not to let our nerves get the better of us. We know we have a fantastic product and  it could be a massive opportunity to bring the Wriggler to an even bigger market with the support and guidance from a Dragon” added James 

Will the husband-and-wife team have what it takes to hook the Dragons or will the Dragons wriggle out of investing? Tune in to find out.

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