World’s tallest moving statue inspired by Gulliver’s Travels ‘The Giant’ may be coming to Dublin

by Kim O Leary
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The world’s tallest moving statue is expected to come to Dublin in 2021.

“The Giant” is the world’s tallest moving statue, and it is the latest attraction expected to come to Dublin which is one of 21 cities around the world that the statue is expected to visit.

Launched yesterday Monday 15th March and inspired by Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels, “The Giant” is a new visitor attraction that took Paddy Dunning over 10 years to develop.

The creators are currently in talks with estate agents CBRE to find a suitable site to build and house the giant attraction in Dublin.

The colossal statue is around 10 storeys tall, and it boasts moveable head and arms and uses “a matrix of millions of programmable LED pixels” to project the image of a person such as famous characters like Albert Einstein, Spiderman or Superman, according to a statement released yesterday.

Developer Paddy Dunning has been involved in creating businesses such as Dublin Wax Museum, Temple Bar Music Centre, and The Button Factory. He also played a significant role in the redevelopment of Temple Bar.

“We are now seeking 21 sites in 21 cities by the end of 2021. The Giant will be one of the world’s most ambitious cultural and commercial projects bringing together art, amusement and wonder to create a contemporary and highly profitable business,” said Paddy Dunning.

“We envision The Giant as an adjunct to new urban redevelopment projects, stadiums, arenas, shopping centres, museums and other locations,” he added.

Meanwhile ‘The Giant’ has been described as a ‘high potential start-up project’ by Niall McEvoy, Manager, High Potential Start-Ups at Enterprise Ireland.

“At the core of this innovation is an ambitious team that has a vision for developing landmark attractions in multiple city locations across the globe. We look forward to supporting the next phase of the roll-out of this innovation,” he said.

Each statue is expected to cost between €15–€20m to develop, depending on location and size.

It is estimated that the moveable statue could attract up to 500,000 visitors every year, generating €12 million in revenue.

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