Bleeper launches new bike sharing hub

by Rachel Cunningham
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Last Friday or ‘World Bicycle Day’, June 3, the bike sharing service Bleeper launched a new suburban hub in Crumlin village to enable locals to hire and park Bleeper bikes in Crumlin village for the first time, writes Rachel Cunningham.

The Crumlin village suburban hub is the first of its kind in the Dublin City Council area and is based on the popular urban planning concept of the 15-minute city, which aims to put people’s everyday needs within a 15-minute walk or cycle of where they live.

The hub was created in response to requests for bike sharing from local community groups and Bleeper engaged with the local community to identify the best location for the hub, promising to continue this engagement to ensure its success.

Bleeper has designated a specific area around Crumlin village where its bikes can be parked, which runs along St. Agnes Road between Crumlin Post Office and Crumlin Garda Station.

The bikes can be used through an app that unlocks any Bleeper bike that you see on the street. Users can also reserve a bike for up to 15 minutes before starting a journey.

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