Where’s Larry? In Marino, it seems and featuring in a fab new ad for Woodie’s

Advert celebrates the power of community and benefits of sharing resources!

by Rose Barrett
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Have you seen the latest Woodie’s advert – the one where they’re all going to ask or seek out Larry! Who’s Larry, you might well ask. Is he the local go-to chap, the one you’ll go to for a loan of the ladder to put up the bunting before the county final?

Is he a member of the local Men’s Shed? Actually, he/she/they/it are all of those things! Larry is a very well used set of ladder steps making its debut on Irish TV last weekend! The latest advert entitled ‘Larry’ from Woodie’s hit our screens last Friday – and showcases the power of community.

It’s a lovely advert, encouraging the sharing of DIY tools and resources especially as summer approaches ad we are all out tackling the great outdoors.

Filmed in Dublin’s Marino, The story follows various people in an Irish community who are looking for ‘Larry’ to assist them with a number of tasks including helping to hang bunting. When a couple knock on a neighbour’s door it turns out that the elusive ‘Larry’, is actually a neighbourhood ladder showcasing how these items can foster a sense of connectivity and cooperation among community members.

According to Woodie’s, communities across the country pool resources by sharing DIY, Home & Garden products. The motivation for sharing is often because the item is bulky and difficult to store, expensive or something that is used infrequently. Not only is this sustainable but it is also a lovely way to build relationships and stay connected.

The advert was directed by internationally renowned director Zac Emerson, who was also behind the beloved ‘Mrs Higgins’ Christmas advert for Woodie’s. The music was composed by Emmy nominated David Schweitzer.

Hilda Lyon, Woodie’s Head of Marketing says, “Customers are always at the centre of our creative planning process so when we learned that people in communities all over Ireland share large or expensive products that they buy from us, we wanted to celebrate this wonderful demonstration of community spirt”.

The ad was created by Irish agency, Droga5 Dublin, Part of Accenture Song, and Irish production house, Butter, the advert is a testament to the high standard of TV and film that is produced in Ireland.

Shay Madden, Creative Director at Droga5 Dublin says, “I love the way a neighbourhood can be brought together by a simple everyday household object. I think we all know a neighbour, a friend or a family member who has ‘the thing’ that you can borrow once in a while when you need it.

The advert aired first over the May bank holiday weekend (Friday 28 April), where many were enjoying the great outdoors, mowing the grass, fixing up the hanging baskets, the planters and the window boxes. And if Larry from Marino was a real person, a real handyman, he most definitely would be shopping in Woodie’s – there’s no probably about it!

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