Welsh woman finds marriage proposal when she opens last week’s Dublin Gazette

by Mark O'Brien
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Russell Kent proposed to his partner Laetitia Rocke by placing an ad in last week's Dublin Gazette

A Welsh woman on a bucket list trip to Dublin got the surprise of her life when she opened last week’s Dublin Gazette to find a marriage proposal from her partner inside.

Laetitia Rocke only found out she was going to Dublin on Friday when her partner Russell Kent revealed he had booked tickets to travel to a city she had always wanted to visit.

Russell initially told Laetitia – a big Michael Buble fan – that he couldn’t secure tickets for the crooner’s Croke Parke gig that weekend and that they would be going to see Riverdance instead.

But unbeknownst to Laetitia, Russell had secured the Buble tickets and had been in touch with us to arrange an even bigger surprise by placing an ad in the paper asking Laetitia to marry him.

In the touching ad, Russell wrote: “To my darling Laetitia, all I can say is thank you for bringing so much joy and love to my life. Being with you is everything, and life is for sharing. I completely and utterly love you xxx. I am all in…Are you?

The ad appeared under a preview of the Michael Buble concert

The ad appeared under a preview of the Michael Buble concert

Russell was assisted in his plan by the staff at Mr Fox restaurant on Parnell Square, where the couple went for lunch.

“I said we had to eat so early because I didn’t know what time the support band was on at,” a delighted Russell told Dublin Gazette this week.

“When the staff came over to clear the plates, I asked if they had a local paper and they said they’d go and have a look.”

We had delivered a paper to the staff the previous evening to make sure that Russel’s plan would go off without a hitch.

“As soon as they (the restaurant staff) walked away I said: ‘Have a look, it’s probably in the entertainment bit’.

Laetitia shows off her beautiful engagement ring

Laetitia shows off her beautiful engagement ring

“She flicked through the pages and it was painstaking as she flicked through each one and then I just saw her eyes light up and she said: ‘That’s for me’ and I said: ‘Yeah I know’.”

Russell then got down on one knee with a beautiful ring he had bought earlier this year.

“We went to a family wedding abroad at the beginning of the year,” he said.

“While we were there I bought the ring and she didn’t know. It was in a style that she liked but she didn’t know anything about it.”

Having played our small part in Russell’s cunning plan, we are delighted to report that Laetitia accepted Russell’s proposal, with the happy couple planning to tie the knot next summer.

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