Campaign for water safety in Dublin Bay

by Rose Barrett
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Dublin Port Company (DPC) launched a new water safety awareness campaign this week, supported by Water Safety Ireland (WSI) to help promote the safe, responsible use of Dublin Bay for leisure and recreation this summer, writes Rose Barrett.

Both DPC and WSI note the increased numbers enjoying water-based sports in the surroundings of Dublin Bay and Dublin Port, many for the first time. Unfortunately, some have found themselves in potentially dangerous situations requiring the guidance of Dublin Port crews to keep them clear of the shipping lanes.

Dublin Port’s campaign is aimed at the growing number of leisure boat users on the water and also kayakers, paddle boarders, those jet-skiing and sea-swimming as lockdown restrictions are eased.

The campaign’s message is simple: before heading out on the sea, “get their bearings – always think water safety”. 

Experienced sea users will be familiar with the dos and don’ts of crossing Dublin Bay, navigating the shipping lanes at Dublin Port or enjoying the River Liffey. However, DPC also recognises that many others taking to the water may not be aware of basic safety regulations and practices intended to keep everyone safe.

As part of the campaign, DPC has created a starter’s guide to basic safety etiquette on the water, including a new map showing a simplified version of the shipping lanes at Dublin Port where permission to cross is mandatory for all leisure craft users. This information, and more, is available at

Jet ski and PWC users are reminded to adhere to the 6 knots speed limit when within 60 m of a pier, jetty, slipway, mooring, shore or another vessel and 120 m of a swimmer or dive flag. Freestyling is not permitted within 200m of swimmers, or the shoreline.

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