Water Pollution in the River Tolka

by Rose Barrett
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Cllr Eimer McCormack has confirmed that Dublin City Council’s Water Pollution Control are aware of the incident (polluted water) at Tolka Park, writes Rose Barrett.

DCC stated: “An investigation was immediately conducted on receipt of reports. Initial findings confirm that a contaminant is entering the River Tolka via the Wad Diversion, downstream of St Mobhi Road Bridge. The source of contamination remains unknown; however, investigations are on-going upstream in the catchment to stop it at source. 

“Please note the diversion is culverted, meaning there is no open channel to inspect along the route which extends back to Ballymun. Water Pollution Control continues to liaise with Inland Fisheries Ireland on the matter. The river will be inspected again at first light and booms put in place as required.”

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