Warning issued after ‘attempted abduction’

by Rebecca Ryan
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A local councillor is calling on residents to be “extra vigilant” after reports of “attempted abduction” in the Ballybrack area.

Gardai in Shankill are investigating reports that a man asked a young woman to get into his car at Aran Drive last Tuesday.

Downplaying social media reports of calling it an “attempted abduction,” a Garda spokesperson told Dublin Gazette the “suspicious approach” will be fully investigated.

“Gardai are investigating a report that a female in her 20s was approached by a man in a car at Aran Drive, Ballybrack at approximately 10.30pm on September 18.

“Anybody who has anything to report to gardai should do so immediately. Any reports we receive will be fully investigated,” said the Garda spokesperson.

Facebook group ‘Born and Bred in Ballybrack’ reported the incident happened on Aran Avenue where laneway goes up alongside the school into Loughlinstown Park estate.

The group described the car and man as: “Red 03 Ford car and she said he had a foreign accent with a Dublin twang off it.

“He offered her a lift a few times before attempting to exit his car at which point she ran to safety.

“She made it home and gardai were called.”

Local Councillor Cormac Devlin (FF) told Dublin Gazette the incident is “very worrying”.

“It’s a residential area, there are no problems. It’s a little shortcut, it’s not a dodgy laneway, there have never been any problems in it.

“The fact that this happened in a residential area, a very safe area, is very worrying. “The incident itself is extremely worrying for the young woman and I’m glad she got away unharmed.”

Cllr Devlin had this advice for locals in the area who are worried.

“What we really need is for people to be vigilant especially in the darker evenings.

“People need to be conscious of their surroundings and report any suspicious activity.

“The evenings have gotten darker earlier now, so people need to plan their route. Preferably walk with somebody else or a group.

“And for some people who listen to music walking along just be conscious of your surroundings. I’m not trying to frighten people but just [use] common
sense when out there.”

Locals have been showing their concern on social media with many tagging their family and friends on posts to warn them.

Lucy Griffiths said: “Oh my god that’s scary, too close for comfort.”

Annemarie Kershaw said: “I got stopped by two men in a red car last night asking where Aran Avenue was.”

Shauna Orange said: “[I] won’t be using the lane again.”

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