Vintage Picnic: Fingal age-friendly events for over 55’s at Swords Castle a great success!

by Rose Barrett
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Fingal Age Friendly was delighted to host the Vintage Picnic, Arts Creativity, and Music Festival for over 55’s in the beautiful venue of Swords Castle on Thursday last, July 27. And what a resounding success it was! . The Vintage Picnic festival provided a fantastic fun-filled afternoon, packed with workshops, activities, music and dancing. A wonderful celebration of creativity, music, and camaraderie – specifically designed to cater to the vibrant generation of over 55’s in Fingal.

Photo – Paul Sherwood / Coalesce Fingal County Council Vintage Picnic held in Swords Castle on Thursday last

Attendees enthusiastically participated in a variety of workshops, such as Graffiti, Soap Making, and a Clothing “Sweet shop”  and for those who enjoy physical activities, there were exercise sessions led by professional instructors from a range of activities, including Chair Yoga, Zumba, and Tai Chi/Chi I Gong. Participants were happy to let loose and showcase their moves as well as relaxing and simply enjoying the lively atmosphere.

FCC Vintage Picnic held in Swords Castle. July 2023

For the mind and body, attendees there were Creativity and Mindfulness workshops on the importance of Self Care or simply enjoy a relaxing massage. Healthy Ireland will provide Information  on quitting smoking and understanding the risk around Alcohol usage. There will also be taster session from Fingal’s Cycling without Age team from Active Travel – on Cycling without Age and Cricket Irelands adapted Cricket for all.

The festival also featured live musical performances from Blanchardstown Ukulele Group, 4 Piece Together and a swinging headline act from The Swing Cats who helped create a festive ambiance that resonated throughout the beautiful Swords castle grounds. Talented musicians from the Irish institute of Music and Song also entertained the crowd and with a diverse repertoire, including African Drumming, How to play the Ukulele or the Bodhran and a sing along session featuring Irish Folk songs that we all know and love.

The event had something for everyone, bringing together the over 55’s community in a setting that encouraged connection, joy, and creativity. It serves as a reminder that age is just a number and that there is always room for fun, exploration, and celebration of life’s simple pleasures.

Mayor of Fingal, Cllr Adrian Henchy said, “I am delighted to be part of this fantastic event specifically designed for our over 55’s generation it serves as a reminder of the importance of the over 55’s generation, showcasing their vitality, wisdom, and invaluable contributions to society. It challenges age stereotypes and underscores the fact that life is meant to be celebrated at every stage.”

Anne Marie Farrelly, Fingal County Council’s CE said: “Fingal County Council is dedicated to promoting active aging and enhancing the well-being of our older adults through a range of inspiring programmes and events. Our aim is to create an inclusive and engaging community where our citizens can thrive, fully participate, feel valued,  be free to explore their passions, and enjoy life as they age.”

Robert Burns Director of Housing & Community said, “Fingal’s dedication to providing a holistic approach to aging is evident in the wide range of activities and initiatives available for our citizens. Through our commitment to fostering a positive and vibrant environment, we hope to redefine the perception of aging and inspire individuals to embrace every stage of life with enthusiasm.

“Fingal Age Friendly is  absolutely delighted to host the first ever Vintage Picnic festival for Fingal’s over 55’s community” said Tricia Matthews, Fingal’s Age Friendly Programme Manager . It is our goal to get all of Fingal’s over 55’s out and about, reconnecting, trying new things,  meeting new people and generally aging well in Fingal. “

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