Two role vacancies in Travellers Development Group

by Rachel Cunningham
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Clondalkin Travellers Development Group is inviting applications for the post of part-time administrator and community worker with a focus on drugs and alcohol diversion, writes Rachel Cunningham.

Clondalkin Travellers Development Group (CTDG) is a community development project which aims to promote the social, economic, civic, political and cultural rights of Travellers as a nomadic ethnic group in Irish society. The principles of community development underpin all the work.

The administrator role will require the management of the day-to-day financial operations of the organisation, managing equipment and supplies purchases, providing administration support to the Board of Management and responding to any queries from board members and maintaining human resource records and assisting with the recruitment of new staff.

The community worker with a focus on drugs and alcohol diversion will need to address the needs of travellers who are at risk of drug and substance misuse, due to the impact of exclusion from health services, employment, education or youth initiatives. They will also work closely with main-stream drug and alcohol services to support access for travellers and their families and to link them with services.

The worker will work in conjunction with local drug services to develop strategies to improve accessibility for members of the traveller community and deliver a range of programmes with a focus on prevention  and provide an outreach service to those who are hard to reach.

Requests for further information can be sent to [email protected].

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