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The recreational facilities in the Tyrrelstown area have been given a much-needed boost with the opening of part of Tyrrelstown Park.

The official opening of the first phase of the park took place on October 30. Resident groups, schools and local organisations were all invited to attend the event which sees part of the park open to the public.

A spokesperson for the council said that the path system in the park is now complete. The park is still in its infancy and they hope to start work on playing pitches in January.

A number of councillors welcomed the opening, however, Fine Gael councillor Kieran Dennison raised concerns regarding newly planted trees that were damaged. Confirming about 10 trees had been damaged, the council said more trees are due to be planted.

“We planted about 70-80 trees over the last winter and unfortunately about 10 trees were damaged, it’s a big percentage for us, we don’t want to lose any trees.”

The spokesperson went on to say that they are planting more trees and that they are looking at increasing visibility between hedges and neighbouring estates so the park will become part of the neighbourhood rather than a “hidden park”.

As part of future plans for the park, the council is looking at holding consultation meetings with schools in the area to discuss getting the students involved.

“We are working on the playground, but before it becomes adult led, we want to talk to schools. We want to get kids in the schools involved.”

The council said they will be looking at setting up workshops with fifth and sixth class groups to generate ideas and turn the playground into their playground.

“We are happy with the way it is progressing at the moment,” the council spokesperson said.

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