Twisted thugs post death threat aimed at family pet

by Sylvia Pownall
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GARDAI in West Dublin are investigating after a chilling letter threatening to torture a family pet to death was posted through a letterbox.
The dog’s shocked owner was horrified to receive the typed note warning if it was left out barking at night, it would be taken away “and killed painfully and slowly”.
The author, or authors, also warned that “a brick will be put through your front door” and signed it: “From all your neighbours in Cherrywood Park.”
The distraught owner said her dog, a Jack Russell, is not barking excessively or causing a nuisance.
She added: “I’m very worried for my dog. I have him six years. I’m extremely upset and I feel like I’m living under threat.”
Clondalkin Animal Aid, which posted the note on social media, condemned the action, adding: “I sincerely hope there’s no one planning to carry out this ridiculous threat.”
The letter, which was stamped and delivered by post via the sorting office in Portlaoise, has been handed in to gardai in Clondalkin.
Officers are examining the handwritten address on the envelope in the hope that it might help them track down the culprit.
The distraught owner broke down on radio and told how she is now terrified to let her dog out of her sight.
She told 98FM’s Dublin Talks: “I can’t believe somebody would send that letter. Why haven’t they come over and knocked on the door and asked us to do something about the dog?
“Neighbours have told me they are utterly sick that somebody would say something like that on their behalf.”
The letter reads: “This is from all your angry neighbours!!!
“Stop letting the dog out the front in the night time until all hours of the morning to bark non-stop.
“This is a warning if the dog continues to bark a brick will be put through your front door and the dog will be taking [sic] away and killed painfully and slowly!!!
“We warned if the dog is out after the 09/02/17 and is barking the above will happen.
“From all your neighbours in Cherrywood Park.”
One comment on Facebook said: “I live here and I’m disgusted to think the sicko who sent this even lives near me … This is a wacko who has serious issues to even make threats like that … I hope the guards catch their ass.”

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