Trócaire launch ‘One Day’ Campaign to Mark 50 Years

by Gazette Reporter
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This year, Trócaire is celebrating 50 years of working together with supporters, partners and communities to create positive and lasting change. 

Trócaire has launched the ‘One Day’ campaign to showcase the profound impact of these collective efforts, highlighting the countless “One Days” where lives have been transformed by working together for a just world. 

Discover the remarkable journey Trócaire has embarked on by exploring the stories, the countless “One Days” that have transformed lives.

Trócaire’s ‘One Day’ stories of change include: How Trócaire supported the movement against Apartheid in South Africa, How Trócaire helped the women of Guatemala to hold their oppressors to account, How Trócaire is providing a safe place for women to give birth to their babies, How Trócaire is helping families forced to flee their homes build a new life, How Trócaire is empowering women to gain equal rights and access to land and How Trócaire helped thousands of farmers to access water after recurrent droughts amongst others.

Trócaire works with local partners in the world’s most at-risk communities and with people in Ireland to tackle the underlying causes of poverty and injustice. The world’s most at-risk communities need access to land, natural resources and fundamental freedoms to lift themselves out of poverty. Too often, these are ignored or violated. Trócaire also works for the advancement of education to ensure people are informed of their rights and take action to achieve global justice and the eradication of poverty. 

 To find out more about the One Day campaign or make a donation visit

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