Ballinteer man appeals for support for families in war zones this Christmas

by Rebecca Ryan
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A Ballinteer man is appealing for support for families living in war zones and conflicts this Christmas.

Garry Walsh is the Communications and Content officer with Trócaire, and has managed the charity’s work in Occupied Palestinian Territories and Myanmar in recent years, and he is appealing for support so people “aren’t forgotten this Christmas.”  

“Where Trócaire works, millions people have known nothing but war and have lived through constant conflict since they were born.

“It seems that in many cases, the world has forgotten these children. This Christmas we want them to know that we haven’t forgotten them.

“Trócaire is working to protect them and keep them safe. We are asking the public to support us and make sure these innocent people aren’t forgotten this Christmas,” he said.

Garry said the figures are “frightening” and that in Syria, Somalia and Gaza alone, where Trócaire works, an estimated 19 million people have known nothing but war.

He said that Dubliners have always been a great support, and added: “We are grateful and thankful for the support we receive from the people of Dublin each year. Their support directly impacts families and communities around the world and that is why it is so vital this Christmas.”

This Christmas marks the 50th anniversary of John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s iconic War is Over ‘peace’ campaign, and Trócaire has reimagined the campaign with a 2019 ‘War Is Over Christmas appeal.’

The charity will deliver food, shelter, medicine and protection to innocent people living in warzones around the world thanks to the donations it receives this Christmas.

To get involved, see or call 1850 408 408.

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