60 trees to be removed across Swords estates

by Rose Barrett
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Swords estates will have over 60 trees removed from them as part of the Winter tree removal programme .

Under the Fingal Tree Policy, every tree that is felled will see another planted. Where possible it will happen in the vicinity of the one taken.

Disease, proximity to a light, storm damage are some of the most common reasons for tree removal.

In Ridgewood, the long-standing issues of trees being planted too close to street lights is the main reason for over 20 trees being felled.

In Brides Glen, some 15 Pyrus trees are being removed because of excessive fruit fall creating hazardous conditions on local paths.

Cllr Ian Carey (GP for Swords) said:

“It’s not great to see so many trees being listed for removal but at least we are getting a clear indication of the numbers and reasons for removal. This wouldn’t have happened before the latest Fingal Tree Policy. It also means we can guarantee replacement planting in more sustainable locations.

“Overall we need to grow our number of street trees, in particular native trees, and increase habitat within our urban spaces. With the overall reduction of habitat in the wider country side the importance of urban habitats has sadly grown.”

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