Residents protest potential traffic changes

by Rachel Cunningham
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A group of Dún Laoghaire residents are protesting a proposal that would redirect cars away from the main and adjacent streets, writes Rachel Cunningham.

The residents will hold a weekly protest to express their objections, with one taking place next Saturday, February 10, at 10am.

Last week, the march walked from Convent Road to the Town Hall and handed in letters of protest to the county manager.

Under the new Living Streets proposal for Dún Laoghaire, delivery vehicles would only have access to a large section of George’s Street, the town’s main street, up to 11am.

After that, the area would be given over to strollers, shoppers, and outdoor diners, with more outdoor seating, trees and new paving provided.

Buses would be redirected and an estimated one fifth of the on-street parking spaces on surrounding streets would be removed.

Residents say their major concern under this proposal is emergency services having access to Tivoli Road in the town.

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