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Ever thought of joining a public speaking club for career purposes? asks Colette Ainscough.

Maybe think you need help with an upcoming speech, want a new hobby perhaps or would like to develop your vocabulary/language?  If yes then why not come along to Sandyford Toastmasters!  We Can Help!  If you have never considered such a prospect then let me impress you with the details of Sandyford Toastmasters. This club is all about learning to communicate effectively, improve confidence in public speaking and most importantly to do so in a fun, relaxed and very supportive environment. 

Sandyford Toastmasters are affiliated to Toastmasters International; this not-for-profit worldwide organization’s aim; to build people’s confidence in public speaking and foster leadership skills. Allow me to give you some historical context to Toastmasters.  Founded by Ralph C. Smedley in 1924, his initiative was to help young men speak effectively, plan programs and learn how to work on committees.  To date (a mere 100 years later) there are eight million Toastmaster members of all genders and nationalities across the world.  Ralph C. Smedley said, “We learn best in moments of enjoyment”. At Sandyford Toastmasters ‘We Can Help’ YOU have fun while reaching learning targets that you set as a club member. 

Sandyford Toastmasters meet every 2nd and 4th Wednesday each month, 8pm at one of the designated function rooms on the lower ground floor of the Clayton Hotel in Leopardstown.  If you decide to come along as a guest to one of our meetings you will witness how the meeting is pre-planned.  We have a Master of Ceremonies (Toastmaster) who hosts the evening of the club members’ prepared speeches, evaluations and impromptu speaking.  As our guest rest assured the Club’s President, Job Langbroek will ensure you receive a warm welcome.  We also provide tea and coffee during break. 

In my experience most people who have ever attended a Toastmaster meeting wanted to join.  The reason for this will be plain for you to see! At a Sandyford Toastmasters meeting you will observe people who have risen to the challenge of talking in front of an audience.  It is absolutely amazing to see how members can grow at a fast pace because of peer support and friendly listeners. The Toastmasters Educational Programme ‘Pathways’ is self-paced.  As a member YOU decide on the speed of progression.  It is so refreshing to see how quickly people who have become members want to ‘jump right in’ and schedule a speech or role.  The whole encouraging dynamic of club meetings makes the process of learning valuable skills, fun.  

Sandyford Toastmasters has a vision set out by Club coach, Graham Dungan.  It is: “To provide an organized environment of fun and learning”.  Graham envisages that Sandyford Toastmasters will grow from the current 10 members to 25 over the next year by working closely with our neighbouring club. Dublin South Toastmasters are allowing Sandyford Toastmasters access to their clubs 2 meetings each month for a limited period. This is great news for anyone who joins Sandyford Toastmasters. Graham’s aim as club coach is that Sandyford Toastmasters become part of the ‘Presidents’ group of premium Toastmaster clubs.  

Need to develop skills for career, have an upcoming speech to deliver at a social occasion, desire to improve vocabulary and language or maybe (just like in my case) want a fun, fulfilling hobby?  At Sandyford Toastmasters We Can Help!  For more information check us out on social media or email [email protected].   

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