Thugs target home and car of Clondalkin councillor

by Mark O'Brien
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The home of a Clondalkin councillor has been targeted by vandals just two weeks after he received homophobic letters through the post.

Cllr Francis Timmons (Ind) woke up on Monday morning to find the windows of his house and his windscreen smashed.

Cllr Timmons told Dublin Gazette that the repeated targeting of his home was “so frustrating”.

“When you get up in the morning and the windows are smashed like that, it’s horrendous,” he said.

“There’s not an awful lot we can do because we don’t have any evidence of who was involved.”

The incident occurred at approximately 6am on Monday morning.

The living room window – where Cllr Timmons had installed a fun Christmas scene – as well as the front door windscreen and car window were smashed.

“My neighbour next door heard a bang and by the time he got up, his dog was barking, and he went out but by the time he got out there was no one there,” said Cllr Timmons.

While there is currently no evidence that the two incidents are linked, Cllr Timmons reiterated his call for hate legislation to deal with homophobic and racist attacks.

Cllr Timmons and his husband now face an increase in their home insurance and he faces additional costs as he feels he now has to install security cameras in his home to deter vandals.

Gardai confirmed that the incident was reported to them and that investigations were ongoing.

In spite of the recent incidents, Cllr Timmons paid tribute to his neighbours and the people of Clondalkin who have been supportive of him, with some even offering him money to help pay for the repairs.

“It gives you a bit of faith in people,” he said.


“It’s just a small minority of people (who carry out such attacks).”

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