This Halloween the Bram Stoker Festival comes alive with Macnas

by Alison O'Hanlon
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The Bram Stoker Festival is one of Dublin’s biggest and most anticipated festivals, this year they brought us into the magical world of the Macnas to finish up the Halloween festival.

The world renowned masters of storytelling and pioneers of imagination, Macnas brought a brand new, spectacular and spine-tingling parade of unearthly magic to the streets of Dublin.

This year’s parade, directed by James Riordan, tells the story of La Loba, a wild wolf-woman, who wanders the world collecting bones and preserving that which is in danger of being lost to the world.

Standing at almost 5m tall and coutured head to toe in a unique creation of deathly white skulls.

Macnas Parade as part of this years Bram Stoker Festival in partnership with Dublin City Council.

Her cave is filled with the remains of all manner of souls: religious zealots praying to the almost forgotten God Perun, warrior mist beings appearing like moths from the Feth Fiadh and beauties of Eldorado destined to dig for gold forever.

This old bone collector La Loba searches deserts and forests for the memories of giggling Rusalkas, river nymphs lurking just under the surface, and for the remnants of fading soldiers with no one to serve, left behind by a lost war.

As this ancient witch piles bones of past people around the fire, with her wolf by her side and the moon bright, La Loba sings life into these almost forgotten Gods and their humans.

As half human-half-deer skeletons rise from the ashes, La Loba illuminates memories of who we were before we became what we are.

Photo: Bram Stoker Festival / Allen Kiely Photography

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