Teenager who attacked his foster mother spared jail

by Gazette Reporter
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A teenager who attacked his foster mother has been spared jail after the woman urged the court not to imprison him.

Jamie McMahon, 19, formerly of West Way View, Blanchardstown, pleaded guilty to assault causing harm at Snugboro Road extension on October 23, 2018.

He also admitted making threats to kill or cause serious harm at West Way View on the same date when his case came before Dublin Circuit Criminal Court.

Outlining the evidence Garda Francis Hall said McMahon had been in the care of Anne Hogan since he was two days old.

Gda Hall said that on the morning in question, McMahon called his foster mother “a stupid bitch” after she brought him clothes that he said he had worn the previous day.

He declined an offer of breakfast and called her a “tramp” when her key got stuck in the door as they left the house. While Ms Hogan was driving McMahon to work, he shouted that he was going to be late then yelled that he wanted to go home.

McMahon punched his foster mother about four times with “full force” in the arm. Ms Hogan stopped the car and tried to calm him before driving back to their home where he went up to his bedroom.

He later asked Ms Hogan what he was supposed to say to his boss and she said to tell his boss that he was not feeling well. He repeated the question, she gave the same answer and he then replied: “I dare you to say it again.”

McMahon punched her in the arm, then grabbed her arm and bent it up behind her back before biting one of her fingers, causing her to scream. He placed his hands around Ms Hogan’s neck and said he wanted to kill her.

The court heard that McMahon, who was voluntarily surrendered by his birth mother, has been in a residential care centre since the offence.

Judge Melanie Greally said this was a very serious assault on a “woman who cared for him since he was an infant”. She added that Ms Hogan had written “an extraordinary letter” for the victim of a “vicious assault”.

Ms Hogan said she had re-established a connection with McMahon and urged the court not to incarcerate him. The judge sentenced him to three years imprisonment, suspended on strict conditions.

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