53-year-old Tayto packet found

by Rose Barrett
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It was August 2021 when Rush Tidy Town volunteers found a 50-year-old Tayto crisp bag, writes Rose Barrett – a story that literally went viral and drew national and global attention to the coastal village in North Dublin.

And now they’ve surpassed that experience with a 53-year-old crisps’ bag found more recently!

Philip Kirrane reports the Tidy Towns have amazingly found two further aged Tayto bags, during a beach clean and lobster fishing expedition in recent weeks.

“Volunteers Paula and Ben found two more antique bags in the sand and rocks on the South Beach,” said Philip. “One with a 4p price tag from circa 1971 and one costing 7p from 1978.

“An aluminium lined crisp bag can take up to 100 years to disintegrate so this shows the importance of making sure we dispose of our rubbish correctly!”

See previous coverage at https://dublingazette.com/dublinlocalmatters/news/tayto-bag-rush-56423/

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