Taste a beer that distills the emigrant legacy from Urban Brewing and EPIC

by Dublin Gazette
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The Irish Emigration Museum, EPIC, have announced that they’re set to launch a new, limited edition beer. EPIC Urban Brew is an ‘international Pale Ale’ which was created in collaboration with Urban Brewing.

The museum have said that the ale is “inspired by the journey of Irish people around the globe”.

The ingredients in the pale ale include Irish barley, malt and wheat, Dublin water, English yeast, hops from Germany, France and the USA, barley from France and Belgium, and lemon verbena from Argentina. 

EPIC and Urban Brewery have said that the ingredients intend to reflect the ‘10 million Irish people’ who have left the island over the centuries.

The beer’s summery character has been described by Urban’s brewer as having refreshing lemon green nuances, balanced with a spiced character from the rye malt, tropical and citrus flavours and aromas from the hops.

The interactive museum is located next door to Urban Brewing’s bar and restaurant in the CHQ building in Dublin’s Docklands.

Mervyn Greene, museum and managing director of EPIC, said: “We’re delighted to be collaborating with our neighbours in Urban Brewing to create a beer dedicated to the Irish emigration story that EPIC tells.

“We think it’s the first time a museum and brewery have worked together in Ireland, and it’s certainly a first for us.”

Leo Vasileiou, director of Urban Brewing, said: “We’re excited to unveil the latest in our series of limited edition beers.

“For us, this beer combines Urban Brewing’s contemporary approach to beer-making with Ireland’s rich brewing history. We spent a long time creating the right recipe, which captures [the flavour of] so many countries where the Irish travelled to.”

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