Church task force to tackle post-Covid challenge

by Gazette Reporter
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A TASK FORCE is to be set up by Dublin’s new Archbishop to address challenges faced by the Catholic Church. 

Archbishop Dermot Farrell said the Church in Dublin faces issues needing immediate action, not least to prepare a recovery from the severe impact of the pandemic. 

The strategy, titled Task Force on a Church for the Dublin of Tomorrow – Building Hope, is aimed at advancing analysis and encouraging dialogue and engagement.  

It is envisaged to comprise a panel made up of clergy, religious and laypeople, to assess the needs of the people of the Archdiocese of Dublin post pandemic.  

Archbishop Farrell said: “The Church in Dublin faces challenges which require immediate action, not least to prepare a recovery from the severe impact of the pandemic.  

Archbishop Dermot Farrell

“Parish by parish we need to encourage the active incorporation of all the baptised in the life and responsibilities of the Church.  

“Let us not forget that the Church throughout its 2,000-year history has always had to cope with new conditions and new challenges. 

“Responding effectively to this rapidly changing culture is a new challenge for the Church in Dublin. 

“While there are indeed many challenges facing us right now, we should not be despondent or lose hope as we pastorally respond to a much more culturally diverse society.

“I want it to stimulate reflection and creative thinking across the whole community, in parishes and in organisations committed to the well-being of the people, to guide a process of dialogue which will continue as we develop and implement our plans for the future.” 

An expert economic, social and pastoral panel will be established to consider the trends which will shape the Church over the next 25 years.    

Archbishop Farrell said: “Their advice will help us to consider the views and priorities of the many organisations delivering services to the people of Dublin.

In his homily for Chrism Mass he added: “I will continue to emphasise to Government the importance of the earliest possible return to the public worship, and that the easing of restrictions must not be subordinated to powerful commercial interests, even those considered “non-essential.

He has asked the task force to complete its work by the end of the summer.

He concluded: “There is an urgency, and this cannot be an endless process. It will give us all a basis for moving forward together with hope.”


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