Tallaght woman hoping to take home Miss Burlesque Ireland title

by Gazette Reporter
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DialEmma (right) with the other Miss Burlesque Ireland finalists

A Tallaght woman is hoping to take home the title of Miss Burlesque Ireland at the Grand Final of the competition next month.

Emma Weafer – who performs as DialEmma – has been a well-known regular of the Dublin cabaret, drag, and burlesque scenes since she began her performance career at The George in 2000.

In 2011 she co-founded underCURRENT Seriously Camp Cabaret, an inclusive queer cabaret troupe, with her wife and fellow performer Lady K.

Through the troupe, the pair began to explore the burgeoning burlesque scene in Dublin.

“Although our troupe blossomed out of the gay scene originally, I’ve always had an interest in a wide range of alternative nightlife entertainment forms, and I’ve found the burlesque scene to be incredibly welcoming and supportive and an absolute fountain of creativity,” said DialEmma.

“We’ve always had burlesque as part of our troupe’s shows and that element has grown from strength to strength in the past couple of years through collaboration with some of the incredible artists we’ve met.”

DialEmma’s performance style has always been lip synch and dance based. But over the past few years, she has found herself incorporating more and more burlesque elements into her routines.

Entering the Miss Burlesque Ireland competition felt like a natural progression for DialEmma.

“I really like the idea of pushing myself as a performer and being more free with my body,” she said.

“I’m 37, I’m short and I’m curvy, so I’m also a little nervous about revealing that side of myself. But I love that the core of burlesque’s message is that every body is beautiful.”

The Miss Burlesque Ireland competition has three rounds; a Red Carpet Parade where the contestants show off their performance personalities through their extravagant costumes, the Traditional round which celebrates the roots of burlesque from the 1880’s to the early 1960’s, and the Unique round in which the performers can choose any style and incorporate props and tricks to make their performances truly spectacular.

The Grand Final will take place in Liberty Hall on Saturday, September 15. Tickets will be available soon from www.missburlesqueireland.com.

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