Actor Liam Cunningham reflects on 8-year anniversary of the Syrian War

by Padraig Conlon
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Following eight years of conflict in Syria, World Vision’s humanitarian programmes have helped more than 2.5 million people in Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, Serbia and within Syria. 

In 2018 alone, the aid agency reached 1.2 million people, 695,000 of them children, through World Vision programmes in Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria.

Game of Thrones actor Liam Cunningham, Ambassador for World Vision Ireland, joined a panel of international experts, commentators and activists speaking at The Good Summit in Trinity College Dublin last week.

The event aimed to put the spotlight on some of the biggest issues facing the world through candid debate and thought-provoking discussion.

Liam Cunningham spoke about his well-documented work as a World Vision ambassador, and the organisation’s charitable work with Syrian refugees which he witnessed on his trips to Jordan, to the Azraq and Za’atari refugee camps.

He also reflected on his trip to South Sudan last year, where he visited a ‘Child Friendly Space’.

Liam spoke passionately about the plight of children and their families forced to flee their homes due to civil war and conflict; and the human stories and stark reality facing children and their families.

He also highlighted the positive impacts brought about by World Vision Ireland with a range of humanitarian programmes including education and protection, water and sanitation, health and housing – all of which are delivering hope to these regions.

During the discussion at the Summit, footage was shown of Liam visiting a World Vision ‘Child Friendly Space’ in South Sudan.

In the video, Liam spoke about “the joy on the little people’s faces, because they have an opportunity to be children.”

He said the child-friendly spaces allowed children in fragile States to “temporarily forget their problems, and they’ve had a lot of problems, from trauma in conflict and malnutrition, to disease and violence.”

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