SVP sees massive surge for help

by Rose Barrett
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The St Vincent De Paul (SVP) Conference in Swords claims it is experiencing a massive surge in requests for help, as families struggle with the increases in the cost of living, writes Rose Barrett.

The local Swords SVP states the rise in fuel, electricity costs, food and back to school bills has seen more families appeal for assistance. Households are struggling to keep up with rising costs in general. As winter approaches, and with it, householders are living in trepidation of increased bills to come.

Food has already increased, and sadly many middle-class families who would once have been donating to the organisation, or hosting sponsored events, are now seeking the help of the SVP. A spokesperson for the organisation said that families have been struggling for several years now, with mortgage bills and rent arrears accumulating and adding to the distress. The SVP which is located at 1 Castle Shopping Centre, Swords further appeals to people NOT to leave donated goods outside the shop after trading hours.

“We are always grateful for people’s generosity in donating their goods to our shop. However, we would really appreciate if people would do so during our trading hours only – that’s from 9.30am-5.30pm Monday to Saturday (excluding Monday Bank Holiday). “Items left outside of these times can be a hazard, and also can attract unwanted attention.”

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