Surveys highlight estates’ defects

by Gazette Reporter
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TWO new surveys of living conditions in unfinished estates in Adamstown and Newcastle have revealed that 60% of residents are experiencing problems.

The door-to-door surveys, carried out by the local branch of Sinn Fein, showed that in the Paddocks and Newcastle Lyons estates, residents had a number of concerns about leaks, damp and cracks, among other issues they highlighted.

The survey was completed by 73 of the 335 houses in the Paddocks, and 62 of the 271 houses in Ballynakelly/Newcastle Lyons, giving a response rate of 22.5%.

The survey posed three questions, asking residents if they had problems with the build of their homes, their estate, or their property management company.

In the Paddocks estate, 40% of respondents said they were unhappy with the build quality, while 36.5% of Ballynakelly/Newcastle Lyons responders said the build quality was a problem.

Some  60% of Paddocks responses, and 58% of Ballynakelly/Newcastle Lyons answers, indicated problems with the estates, both of which were built by Maplewood Developments, which has since gone bust.

Both estates have been in receivership since 2012, with Grant Thornton acting as receiver for both.

Of the problems identified, unfinished portions of the estate was the most popular response in the Paddocks, while parking, a need for traffic calming, anti-social behaviour and robberies all rated highly as problems cited by residents.

In Ballynakelly/Newcastle Lyons, anti-social behaviour, littering, a lack of facilities and lighting were all listed as problems, but road infrastructure and unfinished units were the most regularly cited responses.

Sinn Fein Dublin Mid-West representative Eoin O Broin said that the results of the survey showed a need for “more action from Grant Thornton and South Dublin County Council (SDCC)”.

“In May, Dublin Mid-West Sinn Fein conducted door-to-door surveys in Ballynakelly, Newcastle Lyons in Newcastle and The Paddocks in Lucan.

“The purpose of the surveys was to establish the experiences of local residents on the build quality of their homes, their management companies, and the unfinished portions of both estates.

“The results demonstrate the enormous impact that the unfinished portions of the estate are having on the quality of life of many residents.”

O’Broin went on to call for more engagement and funding from the receiver.

He said:  “The best solution from the residents’ point of view is for Grant Thornton to release the funds necessary to complete both estates. Following that, the estates should be taken in charge by South Dublin County Council.

“I have written to Grant Thornton and SDCC, providing them with copies of the surveys, and requested meetings to discuss how best to resolve the residents’ concerns.”

Neither Grant Thornton nor SDCC had responded to a request for comment by the time of going to print.

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