Survey shows remote working improves better work-life balance

by Rachel Cunningham
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Rachel Cunningham

Seventy-three per cent of people said they achieved a better work-life balance when working remotely, according to new research from NoCo, a hybrid workspace network that has approximately 40 hubs across Dublin. 

The study also revealed that 46 per cent of people claimed to have improved productivity, while 39 per cent mentioned a drop in stress levels while working from home.  

However, the study also identified some challenges that come with a fully remote working environment. Of the survey respondents, 32 per cent highlighted the higher utility cost, 64 per cent missed the social aspect of an office and 30 per cent were concerned by their lower broadband quality at home.

While the study revealed 93 per cent of employers currently facilitate an option to work from home, 62 per cent said that they would like their employer to offer a closer to home workspace as an alternative.

Commenting on the results, Brian Moran, co-founder of NoCo, said: “As our research clearly highlights, there is no shortage in demand across the country for remote working options from employers.

“While 93 per cent of employers are offering a working from home option, our research shows that employees are seeking an alternative solution to combat the challenges that we all experience while working from home.”

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