Newcastle survey feedback to be addressed urgently

by Kim O Leary
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A recent survey on the Newcastle area has shown that residents in the area want recreational and play facilities among the issues to be addressed urgently.

Cllr Francis Timmons has worked with the Re-Newcastle Community Group on Feedback on Newcastle Village to create the survey to inform his motions to the county development plan.

Cllr Timmons said, “I undertook a survey on Newcastle and the views of people living there, nearly 90% felt that SDCC don’t have a vision of what Newcastle should look like in 5 years with co-ordinated development balanced between houses being built and adequate community / transport / educational / recreational facilities.

“The results helped inform my  motions for the upcoming county development plan where I hope other councillors will support me in bridging some of the gaps identified by the people living in Newcastle,” he added.

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