Strikers at Mill Shopping Centre forced to picket in car park

by Mark O'Brien
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Gino Kenny and Madeleine Johansson with striking Lloyd's Pharmacy workers outside the Mill Shopping Centre

Management of the Mill Shopping Centre in Clondalkin have been criticised for moving striking workers out of the centre.

Workers at Lloyd’s Pharmacies across the country have been engaged in escalating industrial action over the last three weeks including at three locations in Clondalkin – the Mill, Neilstown and Rowlagh.

But workers in the Mill centre have been told by centre management that they were not allowed to picket inside the centre and have had to picket in the car park outside the centre.

Cllr Madeleine Johansson (PBP), who joined the picket in support of the staff, said: “The workers at Lloyds are engaging in lawful industrial action with their trade union Mandate and should have the right to picket at the front door of their place of employment.

“It is highly unusual for a management company not to allow striking workers to picket inside the premises, and the decision by The Mill could be seen as taking a side in favour of the employer in this dispute.”

Local TD Gino Kenny called on centre management to allow the workers to picket inside the centre.

“I have attended the pickets by the workers and there has been a very positive response by the local community with a large level of support for their demands,” he said.

“Unfortunately, some people were unaware of the strike happening because the picket was held outside.”

Dublin Gazette contacted the management of the Mill Shopping Centre, but a spokesperson for the centre declined to comment.

The workers are on strike to demand an end to zero-hour contracts, sick pay and holiday schemes, as well as for the employer to recognise their trade union, Mandate.

Mayor of South Dublin Mark Ward (SF) urged Lloyd’s to enter into talks to end the dispute.
He said: “The Government was meant to bring in legislation to protect workers and to end zero-hour contracts, but so far this protection has not been forthcoming.

“We have a situation where workers do not have confirmation on how many hours they will be working on a week to week basis.

“Simple things like budgeting for back to school and birthday parties, to more complex things like trying to obtain a mortgage, prove to be extremely difficult in these working conditions.”

“Reports coming from Mandate also disclose the Lloyd’s pharmacy workers are paid on average 30% less than their colleagues in Boots.”

Further strike action is planned for this Friday (July 20).

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