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St. Francis Hospice is appealing for support of their Sunflower Appeal in the month of June. Hospice care, so vital and essential for patients and families, must be available when needed. To ensure that this support is there for patients and families within the community, St Francis Hospice would welcome your help in any of the following ways:

SUNFLOWER OF LIFE In June our Chaplains will hold a Sunflower of Life Remembrance Reflection which will be broadcast on Facebook and on the St Francis Hospice website on the 29th June. If you wish to have a loved one remembered at this reflection contact the hospice for dedication card and donate: 01-8327535, 01-829400.

VISIT OUR VIRTUAL GARDEN www.sfh.ie and purchase a virtual sunflower to send online to family or friends.

PURCHASE an item of merchandise; Sunny Bear, Sunflower Notelets, Sunflower Bag, etc. from our online shop www.sfh.ie or support our two collections in the Pavilions and Blanchardstown Shopping Centres on the 10th and 11th June.

Speaking about the Hospice Sunflower Appeal, St Francis Hospice CEO, Fintan Fagan said, “We are looking forward to holding the Sunflower of Life Remembrance Reflection online again this year and combine it with our online virtual garden and two major collections at the Pavilions and Blanchardstown Shopping Centres We are calling on everyone to support our Hospice Sunflower Appeal in any way that you can.”

Hospice Sunflower Ambassador, Diarmuid Gavin, also commented, “I am delighted to once again offer my support to Hospice Sunflower Appeal which helps to raise vital funds to allow hospice and homecare services throughout the country to continue their fantastic work. With this year’s campaign combining Sunflower Remembrance Reflection, Virtual Garden and the traditional collections it has never been easier for people to show their support for the St. Francis Hospice Sunflower Appeal.” 

You can support St. Francis Hospice by donating directly to the hospice 01-8327535/01-8294000 or supporting their two collections in Pavilions and Blanchardstown Shopping Centres on Friday 10th or Saturday 11th June, or through the hospice online shop or virtual garden www.sfh.ie.

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