Council to roll out a new stationless bike hire scheme with two operators

by Gazette Reporter
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Dublin City Council have launched the first stationless bike hire scheme in the city, with two operators being granted licences for the low-cost hire scheme.

The two operators, Urbo and Bleeperbike, will complement the existing Just Eat Dublin Bikes scheme.

The council has said there will be an “orderly roll-out” of this scheme, and there are set to be 200 bikes on the streets immediately with a gradual increase in the number of bikes over the coming months.

The stationless hire will expand services to suburban areas, and allows greater flexibility as bikes do not have to be returned to a docking station, but simply locked to an official Sheffield-type stand.

Cycling parking facilities throughout the city have been increasing, with more than 1,300 extra cycle parking spaces installed over the past few months by the council.

Users can sign up to either operator – Urbo or Bleeperbike – with full interoperability between the two schemes. Bikes are sourced via an app which unlocks the bike.

Once locked to a Sheffield stand at the user’s destination, the hire period will end.
Dick Brady, assistant chief executive of Environment and Transportation at DCC, said: “We look forward to working actively with the chosen operators to ensure the success of stationless bike hire in Dublin.

“Facilitating a shift to more sustainable transport options is a vital element in the council’s traffic management and climate change strategies. The provision of low-cost bike share is a valuable additional support for these strategies.”

Cllr Ciaran Cuffe (GP) said: “This is a good day for Dublin. Stationless bike schemes have a clear role to play in tackling congestion in Dublin. Similar schemes have succeeded in major cities all around the world, and we’re delighted to have them here.

“The lesson from abroad is that properly regulated bike schemes can make a positive contribution to sustainable transport and mobility.”

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