Jail for man stabbed 11 times after punching woman

by Gazette Reporter
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A man who punched a woman in the face before being set upon by her partner and stabbed 11 times with a broken glass bottle has been jailed for a year.

Alan Brennan (41) started the “extremely violent incident” in broad daylight in Dublin city centre last year when he punched a woman, causing her to fall to the ground, Judge Melanie Greally said while sentencing Brennan last week.

The woman’s partner then attacked Brennan, stabbing him 11 times with a broken glass bottle, stamping on him and kicking him in the head as Brennan lay “apparently lifeless” on the ground, the court heard. This man was jailed for two years for the attack.

Dublin Circuit Criminal Court heard the incident took place between Brennan and the couple, who were unknown to him, as they stood around Wellington Quay on July 11, 2020. They were all under the influence of drugs at the time. Brennan was on crutches.

“This was an absolutely outrageous outburst of serious violence, instigated by Mr Brennan,” Judge Greally said. “He punched the woman with considerable force, causing her to fall to the ground.”

She noted Brennan was then seriously injured by the man, who carried out “the lion’s share” of the violence, including stabbing Brennan repeatedly and taking a running kick to his head as he lay unconscious on the ground.

Brennan, with an address at New Street Gardens, Clanbrassil St, Dublin pleaded guilty to one count of violent disorder for his role in the incident. The court heard he is a long-standing drug addict with a history of homelessness.

CCTV footage of the incident, played in court, showed Brennan and the man and woman, along with a couple of other people, standing around Wellington Quay. Garda Tao Yu said Brennan suspected the woman was rifling through his pockets, which led him to punch her in the face.

Her partner then set upon Brennan. The attack was witnessed by a number of passers-by, a couple of whom followed the man and woman when they left the scene. They were then pointed out to gardaí a short distance away. The woman is still before the courts for her alleged role in the attack.

Brennan was taken to hospital and treated for a number of injuries, including lacerations to his face and body.

John Griffin BL, defending, said his client had struggled with drug addiction and homelessness for years. He said Brennan was knocked down by a Luas a few years ago and suffered serious injuries and has been on crutches ever since.

Judge Greally said Brennan’s culpability was at the lower range. She handed down a sentence of 22 months but suspended the final 10 months on a number of conditions.

After the sentence was handed down, Brennan asked: “How can I be convicted?” He eventually agreed to enter the bond.

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