St John of God Sallynoggin failed 3 of 4 regulations inspections in October

by Gary Ibbotson
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A HIQA investigation into the St John of God Sallynoggin centre found that the facility was “not compliant” in three of the four regulations inspected.

The three failed regulations were governance of management, protection of residents and residents’ rights.

The report, which was published on Tuesday, said that the inspection was carried out in October in response to a complaint made about the “safeguarding nature” of one of the residents.

The centre currently houses and treats 13 residents with disabilities.

The report says that the inspector found, “in some cases, residents were not being satisfactorily protected while residing in the centre and appropriate measure had not been put in place to prevent residents from experiencing incidents of a safeguarding nature.”

The report found that the registered provider failed “to ensure that management systems were in place in the centre for the delivery of services which were safe and appropriate to residents’ needs.”

It also outlined that the provider “failed to ensure that some residents were protected from all forms of abuse in the centre.”

It says that one resident experienced seven cases of abuse from another resident, which were psychological or physical in nature.

“There was evidence available which demonstrated that these events were having a negative and significant impact on residents,” the report reads.

The report did say that the St John of God had produced “a robust plan” to resolve the issues addressed and the inspector was “assured” it would be implemented in full.

In a statement made to Dublin Gazette, St John of God Community Services says they “very much regret any incidents of abuse that occur between residents.

“Our dedicated staff members make every reasonable effort to prevent such incidents from taking place.

“In this instance this was regrettably not possible in the short term.”

The service says the since the October inspection, they are “happy” to say the concerns have been “fully resolved”.

The statement says that “with the agreement of families and individuals concerned, a new place has been secured for one of the former residents of this facility at an appropriate alternative location.

“We would particularly acknowledge the efforts of our hard working staff who are dedicated to providing the best possible care of all residents in our care.

 “Overall St John of God Community Services achieves aims to achieve the highest level of compliance with HIQA inspections in respect of its services nationally.

“In 2019, the service was 87% compliant with regulations, following a total of 61 inspections.”

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