St John of God Glasthule fails 10 of 19 regulations in Hiqa inspection

by Gary Ibbotson
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A HIQA report on the St John of God centre in Glasthule found that the centre was non-compliant on 10 of the 19 regulations inspected – with one patient experiencing 89 abusive incidents from January to September last year.

The centre was the subject of a risk-based inspection in June with a following one occurring in September.

In a report released by HIQA last week, it was found that factors contributing to the abuse “included some members of staff not completing training or refresher training in the area of behaviour support and the high numbers of relief staff members employed in the centre”.

The report highlighted St John of God Glasthule failure in “supporting residents with behaviours of distress”.

Some of the failed 10 regulations include staffing, general welfare and development, complaints procedure, risk management procedures, residents’ rights, fire precautions and protection.

The report shows that some residents were not experiencing a good quality of life and not protected from experiencing abuse by management and staff.

Furthermore, due to the unreliability of a response from the registered provider to these abuse claims, residents continued to experience mis-treatment.

The report says: “As a result of the frequency and significant number of safeguarding incidents experienced by residents, the inspector found that there was limited freedom for exercising choice and control in their daily lives.”

The inspector also found that the registered provider had not put in place the correct provisions that respected the disabilities which some residents live with.

“While reviewing how the rights of residents were protected in the centre, the inspector found that registered provider had failed to ensure that the dignity of residents was respected at all times,” the report says.

Aggressive behaviour

Although a review of safeguarding measures found that abusive incidents were in the ‘lower-risk categories’, the frequency of the reported incidents were “significant”.

The report says that 177 incidents of abuse were recorded in 2019.

Some of these incidents include aggressive behaviour, shouting and the use of insulting language towards residents “which were a consequence of behaviours of the distress of other residents”.

The inspector says that this matter had been noted in the June 2019 inspection but protocols to the address the issue had not been implemented.

The report notes: “The inspector reviewed the governance and management arrangements in place in the centre and found that the governance systems employed did not ensure that service delivery was safe, of a high standard and appropriate to residents’ needs.

“While the registered provider was aware of the areas of non-compliance with the regulations, the inspector found that appropriate actions had not been taken to ensure that residents were protected and services of a satisfactory standard were provided.”

In a statement provided to Dublin Gazette St John of God said:

“St John of God Community Services acknowledges the incompatibility issues between some residents living in this designated centre that has led to the unacceptable incidents of negative verbal interaction between residents.

“Management and staff at St John of God Dublin South East Services continue to be fully committed to the implementation of person-centred plans to resolve these issues for any affected residents.

“Some residents have already successfully moved from living in this designated centre to a home of their choosing. 

“The service is committed to supporting each resident to live in a home that appropriately supports the individual resident’s needs, and is also in the process of implementing an agreed compliance plan in respect of all recommendations contained in the most recent HIQA inspection report.”

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