St Helen’s Court residents in Dun Laoghaire win battle to stop eviction

by Gary Ibbotson
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Dun Laoghaire TD Richard Boyd Barrett (PBP) says he welcomes the success of tenants in St Helen’s Court apartment complex in fighting off the latest attempt by landlords to enforce a mass eviction of residents.

Tenants received word this week that the complex owners had withdrawn from a Private Residential Tenancies Board (PRTB) hearing on the attempted evictions, just two days before it was due to take place.

According to Deputy Boyd Barrett, this has been the third attempt at mass evictions in recent years by the owners of the apartment complex located on George’s Street, Dun Laoghaire.  

Three years ago, the owners attempted to implement a rent increase of over 60% and more recently attempted a mass eviction of tenants on the basis of a “substantial refurbishment.”

The tenants received their most recent eviction notices in June.

Deputy Boyd Barrett said that given the repeated attempts by the owners to evict all tenants, it was very likely that a further attempt would be made in the near future.

If the current number of 11 tenants dropped below 10, this would allow the landlord to exploit a loop-hole in the residential tenancies legislation.

Deputy Boyd Barrett says that the landlords are acting in a “predatory” manner and the St Helen’s Court tenants are requesting the Government “to close loop-holes in legislation that can be exploited by unscrupulous vulture landlords”.

“The property which was originally sold by NAMA has been passed from one vulture property speculator to another – all of whom have attempted mass eviction of the tenants.

“It is obvious the landlords have no interest at all in providing secure tenancies but simply see the property as a speculative asset whose value they can increase if they are able to evict all the current tenants.”

Some of St Helen’s Court residents will meet with Deputy Boyd Barrett today, (July 25) to discuss the latest developments.

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