#GE2020: What candidates say about the big topics in Dublin South West

by Padraig Conlon
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Dublin Gazette have reached out to all the confirmed candidates in Dublin South West, who will be campaigning for a spot in the Dáil in General Election 2020. We asked them all the same set of questions, to help inform you about where they stand on just some of the main issues of the day.

Here are the questions asked:

  • Q1 – How would you address the chronic problems that are prevalent in the Health Service?
  • Q2 – How would you address the chronic problems in the housing sector?
  • Q3 – What ways would you address education issues in your area at a Government level?
  • Q4 – What is your stance on Climate Change? How green/accessible is your campaign?
  • Q5 – Do you think Public Transport in your area is sufficient? What changes might you make?
  • Q6 – Why do you think people should vote for you?

Here is what the general election candidates had to say* – the following answers were from those who had responded by our deadline.

Deputy Katherine Zappone, INDEPENDENT

Q1 I will be advocating for more primary care centres, increases for the mental health budget, and investment to progress Slaintecare reforms. We urgently need multi-disciplinary teams in our community. Vacancies need to be filled as a matter of urgency.
Q2 We need more social and affordable housing. We need to protect tenants and help first-time buyers. The most vulnerable families need a Housing First solution, which I am advocating for. Homelessness doesn’t belong in an Ireland of Equals.
Q3 I am passionate about education and am actively advocating for equality in access to all levels of education, including the further education sector, and early years education. I believe we need to continue to build on the progress made over this term on childcare provision. I will be fighting for [an education funding] €150m increase annually, going forward, targeting quality early years provision and affordability, and increased pay for the early years educators.
Q4 I believe young people need to be at the centre of all our decision making on climate change, as it is they who will be impacted most. I have set up a special fund to support young people’s climate advocacy. I am passionate about UN Sustainable Development Goals, and will be working towards making sure that Ireland becomes carbon-neutral by 2050.
Q5 I support a MetroLink to Dublin South West [plan] that will provide citizens access to affordable, clean and safe transport.
Q6 I stand for equality, integrity and fairness. I have been an advocate for progressive social change my whole adult life, and I am grateful to have voters’ support to continue the good fight.

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